Greenville Craft Beer Festival | November 16, 2013

Thats right folks, we are at it again! We are very excited to be bringing our passion and creativity to Greenville, South Carolina on November 16th, 2013. The Inaugural Greenville Craft Beer Festival will take place at Flour Field at the West End for the first time in history, from 12-5pm.  We are very happy to be partnering with Liberty Taproom, The Rise Guys and Rock 101/New Rock 93.3 The Planet, eGreenville, and Greenville Sports Leagues.

The Greenville Craft Beer Festival will go on sale Monday September 23rd at and tickets will be limited.  Rhizome Productions strives to create events that focus on quality, as opposed to quantity, therefore this event will be limited to 2000 guests.  All of our guests will receive entry, unlimited 2oz samples, 5oz glass belgian snifter, drinking water, and the chance to be part of Greenville’s best craft beer festival and tasting.

Our full featured website will go live in the coming days and will include our brewery list, food offerings, rules & FAQs, volunteer opportunities, and much more!