12 South Winter Warmer | December 5, 2015 |

  • Rules & FAQ

    The 2015 Winter Warmer will take place on 12/5/15

    Tickets will go on sale 10/30/15 at 9am CST, and an additional sale will take place on 10/31/15 at Craft Brewed at 5pm.

    Our all new website will be live shortly! 

    Cheers-Rhizome Productions Inc.

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    Venue Address:
    Sevier Park
    3000 Granny White Pike
    Nashville, TN

    Nashville Cab Co. (615) 242-7070
    Music City Cab (615) 742-3030
    Green Cab (615) 424-6000
    Yellow Cab (615) 256-0101

    Sevier Park does NOT offer parking of any kind, if you must drive please be respectful of the 12 South community when parking on the streets.  Please do not block drive ways or fire hydrants.  As always we suggest you walk, catch a ride, or take a taxi.

    For everyone, consider walking! Especially if you live in or around the area, you will need it! If you need to drive, have a friend or family member drop you off or pick you up.  If you must drive home plan to visit a local dining establishment, have a nice meal and plenty of water before heading home. SAFTEY FIRST


  • Breweries

    Our brewery list is growing and evolving keep checking back as more will be added. You can expect approximately 40 local and regional craft breweries to attend, including some special guest breweries.

    No Beer Left Behind

    12:30pm-2014 “State of the FUNK” address with Brandon Jones and Linus Hall of Yazoo Brewing Company
    1:30pm-The Beers of Blackberry Farm with Roy Milner
    2:30pm-Book signing and reading with Chris Chamberlain, author of “Nashville Beer, A heady History of Music City Brewing”

    Tennessee Breweries
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  • Music

    Once again we are very excited to welcome back the Half Brass Band!


  • Charity

    The 12 South Winter Warmer is honored to support the Oasis Center Bike Workshop and since the start of the Winter Warmer has been making substantial donations to their efforts.  To date the festival has raised over $15,000 to support their mission.

    The Oasis Bike Workshop is a collaboration between the Oasis Center and Halcyon Bike Shop. The Workshop is a free, six week program open to Nashville’s youth, and thanks to our friends at Humana, it is housed in a beautiful new workshop at the Youth Opportunity Center.

    Oasis Bike Program: Mobilizing Youth throughout Nashville

    The Bike Workshop grew from concern that youth of our city do not have adequate transportation, don’t get adequate exercise, and are often overlooked as agents of change. Collectively, we agree that bicycling is a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation that is often forgotten or considered to be too difficult and dangerous for youth on our urban streets. Other times, bikes are simply unaffordable.

    Hudson in bike workshop

    Youth participants take a pledge promising to pass on the knowledge they gain in these workshops to other young people in their neighborhoods. The valuable skills connect them back to their neighborhoods in a healthy way. The youth are also empowered to to to become activist for positive change in the larger community.

    Since June 2009, over 400 youth have completed the bike program. That means 400 more young people own a bike, are safe and skilled riders and now have access to more opportunities than ever before!

    The Bike Workshop also has a mobile unit so the team can meet young people where they are.  They visit various community centers throughout the year. Visit their website to get a complete schedule & more information: Oasis Bike Workshop 

    In early 2012, The Workshop was featured on NPR. The account reveals the benefits to youth participants and the “unintentional” destiny of it’s founder, Dan Furbish. For the entire story, visit: Some Assembly Required

    If you’d like to volunteer or donate a bike, please contact Dan Furbish.

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