Nashville Craft Beer Week | June 23-29, 2014

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     We will return June 23-29, 2014 and our new website will be live very soon.  If you are a venue interested in hosting events please email  We welcome any Nashville and Middle Tennessee business to be part of Nashville Craft Beer Week, as long as they promote and support craft beer.  For 2014, there will be a one time $50 fee, which will allow for any and all events to be posted on our NCBW calendar. CHEERS





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    See you again in 2014, Cheers And Drink Craft Beer Nashville

    Nashville Brewers Collaborative Brew – March 2013 from Rhizome Productions Inc. on Vimeo.

    5 of Nashville’s breweries came together for one special cause – to make a special beer for Nashville Craft Beer Week.

    Rhizome Productions is proud to announce the return of Nashville Craft Beer Week will, culminating with the grand finale, the East Nashville Beer Festival, located at East Park in East Nashville. With many new breweries in Nashville and beyond, this week will satisfy your hunger for craft beer! Nashville Craft Beer Week will arrange various events throughout Nashville the entire week, including beer dinners, brewer meet and greets, in-store tastings and other unique opportunities to sample unique craft beer. Please keep up with our Facebook page and for all details.

    Rhizome Productions would like to thank Ajax Turner, DET, and Bounty Bev for their continued support as well as all the breweries that support craft beer in Nashville.. We also owe a debt of gratitude to all participating Nashville business; without their involvement this would not be possible.

    The More you know: Beer has been around since the dawn of civilization. In fact, there are many evidences that suggest beer played a significant role in the formation of human civilization. For a significant portion of time the beer brewed in the community was safer to consume than the water, as the brewing & fermentation processes kill off most of the bacteria and germs harmful to humans. What’s more, there are many benefits cited in the responsible consumption of alcohol – from aiding in the fight against heart disease to the potential warding off of cancer, as cited in recent studies. In essence, beer is good. That understood, like anything we love (coffee, food, cell phones, cars and you-name-it) the abuse and misuse of alcohol can have devastating consequences. Whether is drinking to excess, driving while intoxicated, or a number of other consequences; the abuse of alcohol is no laughing matter.

    The good news is it seems most Americans have gotten the message. In recent years the number of traffic accidents and deaths that involve alcohol have dropped significantly across the United States – from 26,173 in 1982 to below 14,000 in 2008. Clearly there is more work to be done, but if we all do our part and designate a driver, pay for a cab/bus/light rail to get home safe – we will continue to see a dramatic decline in the number of alcohol-related accidents in our city, state and country. The organizers of Nashville Craft Beer Week ask that you take advantage of safe transportation options and is facilitating this for you by working with local companies to keep intoxicated drivers off of the road. In the end, however, it is UP TO YOU. Please plan ahead when celebrating Nashville Craft Beer Week.

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